building a brand from scratch

Case Study

Client: Wolfpack Ventures
Project: Branding, Marketing, Website

Project Overview

Wolfpack Ventures set out on a mission to restore and beautify homes in Connecticut, and boost the local economy by moving real estate and creating jobs. The founders were experts in their fields and approached Design Swell to build a brand that aligned with their mission and a website to support their clients.




Real estate, home renovations and flipping houses are highly competitive markets, which poses a challenge for any new business entering any one of those individual markets. Wolfpack Ventures had an eye on all three, which posed a unique set of challenges. Their founding team brought industry expertise and a proven track record, but to really stand out they needed to tell a compelling story, and make it easy for clients to find and interact with their team.




The founders wanted to incorporate a sense of belonging and consideration for their team and customers that was on a different level than many of the competitors.

We developed their branding to reinforce their name, Wolfpack Ventures, and showcase modern simplicity that is visible in their renovations. Several version of their logo were developed for unique purposes and to ensure consistent branding across different formats.




The Wolfpack Ventures website would serve as the company’s main communication tool for attracting the attention of customers, media and prospective business partners. It would educate on the company’s mission, showcase their value, and offer customers an easy way to interact. Developed to work on any device, the website would provide convenient, 24/7 access.

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Wolfpack Ventures