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Case Study

Client: Tress Salon
Project: Marketing, Branding, Website, Strategy

Design Swell was such a huge part in creating a brand, logo and website that best suited my company.
— Jillian Ferguson, Founder of Tress Salon

Project Overview

The founder of Tress Salon approached Design Swell for help with their business model, branding and marketing strategy as she was looking to launch the brand, open a new physical space and add new revenue options.

We designed the logo and supporting marketing collateral, built a new website with online booking capabilities, provided business coaching, and developed a marketing strategy to fuel growth.




The founder was operating under a different brand name and with fewer services when she approached Design Swell. While the Tress Salon brand would give the founder more growth opportunity, the former brand had value that was worth saving. We addressed this challenge by clearly displaying the founder’s continued involvement on new brand and marketing materials, and developing a clear message around the reason for and details about the rebranding.

The salon market local to Trees Salon was competitive which could pose a threat to the company’s growth. We completed a competitive analysis to determine Tress Salon’s strengths and vulnerabilities. With this information we were able to develop a clear marketing, lead generation, customer retention and communication strategy to help Tress Salon grow in their high competitive market.

Tress Salon’s founder, like most entrepreneurs, has spent her entire career heavily focused on delivering the best service possible. Expanding the company would require more advanced business knowledge, but the founder had limited time and resources to devote the process. We were able to develop a business coaching process to rapidly get her up-to-speed in the most important areas, allowing her to continue focusing on her core business offering while also feeling in control of her company’s future.




Tress Salon had been an established business for about 5 years before they approached Design Swell to help in their transformation. Their goal was to develop a brand experience that felt more established and would allow for new income streams.

We started the process by learning about their customers, how they found Tress Salon and what turned customers into loyal fans. We then spent time understanding how the business currently generated revenue. With this information, we began developing a brand experience that would result in an increase customer conversions and in the number of loyal fans. Additionally, we created a brand presence that would allow for new revenue streams to be launched immediately and in the future.

The logo was designed to reinforce the aesthetics of the physical salon space - modern, clean and bright.




We learned during our research phase that customers found Tress Salon through a combination of Google searches, Yelp and Instagram, but would visit the website before becoming a customer.

Using this information, we organized the website to help guide these visitors quickly and efficiently to the pages that would help convert them into customers, and styled it to match the modern and clean logo design. Large imagery, soft gray tones, strategic white space, attractive scroll features and integrated appointment booking were incorporated into responsive website that works across any device.

Tress Salon’s website visitors are now able to find information quickly and easily book their appointments.

Visit the Tress Salon Website →

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