Building a business from scratch

Case Study

Client: Lonegrade
Project: Ecommerce Store, Branding, Marketing Strategy

Project Overview

Lonegrade is a Connecticut-based company designing and building luxury watches in the USA. This project was to build a new ecommerce store, develop the brand aesthetic, guidelines and assets, and develop a marketing strategy to launch and grow the company.




While there are few companies building watches in the USA, there are a number of watches with comparable prices and features on the current market. To stand out from the crown and capture attention, we had to determine a target audience that would allow Lonegrade to be compete on value from day one. Combining industry expertise with a deep market analysis, we developed a brand message that would help Lonegrade attract attention.




The vision for Lonegrade centered around the ideas of setting new standards for the US luxury timepiece category and the goal was to develop a brand that could become associated with this mission.

A color palette was identified, logo designed and type font acquired to give the foundation for a clean and approachable brand experience. Pulling inspiration from themes of legacy, heirloom products, and the luxury industry, we created the Lonegrade brand experience to give the project a proper foundation.




The Lonegrade would serve as the home base for the brand. It would educate the public on the company’s vision and goals for changing the industry for the better while providing customers an easy way to purchase products. Designed to work on any device, the website would provide 24/7 access to the brand from any device any where around the world.

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Lonegrade Macbook