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Brand Experience // Website

Hair By Alyson Ryan Logo

Hair by Alyson Ryan is an established business that had existed for a few years without a formal brand strategy or user friendly website. The owner approached Design Swell to help with business branding ideas and strategy..

Design Swell developed a logo, brand experience, responsive hair salon website with integrated client booking, and an integrated marketing plan involving marketing and branding strategies.


The Brand Experience

Hair By Alyson Ryan Logo

Hair by Alyson Ryan was an established business that wanted help developing a brand identity to elevate their brand perception and prepare for growth.

We started the process by learning how the customers found the business and why they decide to book an appointment. With this information we developed a plan to develop a brand experience that highlights the experience of the company’s owner through heavy use of imagery and limited text.

The logo was designed to support the minimalist design aesthetics of the brand and work well over solid and multi-color backgrounds


The Hair Salon Website

We learned during our research phase that the majority of the target audience found Hair by Alyson Ryan through a social media channel, but would visit the website before converting into a customer.

The Hair by Alyson Ryan website was designed with minimal text and use of color to allow the imagery to take front stage. Full frame images, intentional use of white space, modern fonts, and easy-to-navigate pages were used on a responsive website to help convert more visitors into customers across any device.

Visitors are able to find the information they need to convert into paying customers quickly. This intentional design increases conversion rates and helps support Hair by Alyson Ryan as they grow.