Advice About Hair Salon Websites


Modern salon owners understand that having a website is an important part of owning a business. What many don’t understand is how important it is for their website to line up with the rest of their social media and marketing efforts.

Managing and growing a salon business is hard. 

Keeping hair products and color supplies in stock, staying up-to-date on hair trends, managing customer payments, and bookkeeping to name a few. Plus you need to find ways to attract more customers so you can grow your business. This is where a website can help a lot. If you’re thinking about building a site for the first time or rebuilding your dated one, you have two main options: DIY or hiring a professional website designer.

DIY Website Design

If you’re not a designer, building a website might be a scary task. If you’re adventurous you might try to build a Hype, Wix or Squarespace website. While these tools make website design easy(ish) and attainable by most, they also allow room for the untrained designer to make many mistakes. Hair salon websites are unique and need to be designed to help your potential customers and work well with your other marketing efforts. These mistakes can prevent your website from being effective at helping grow your business.

Hiring a professional

Hiring someone might be almost as scary a task as the DIY route. There’s a common saying that if you shake a tree a website designer will fall out. Just like how the combination of iPhones (with their really good cameras) and Instagram has made many people become freelance “photographers,” tools like Hype, Wix and Squarespace has made a lot of “web designers.” Unfortunately, a lot of these designers will make the same mistakes as DIYers.

The right professional will understand the hair salon market and customer, what is important in a website, and will be able to build a website that works with your other marketing efforts, like social media. A well built hair salon website will support your salon’s needs and desire to grow the business. Check out Tress Salon’s process.

3 Important Things Hair Salon Websites Need

Your website can be an incredibly valuable tool for growing your salon business, but you’ll need to spend time on planning or work with a professional who can plan and design for you. Here are three important things to consider to make sure your website is going to work.

  1. Built for your unique customers

  2. Mobile friendly -  not “mobile friendly”

  3. Designed with a strategy to convert

Built For Your Unique Customers

Hair salon customers are very unique. They choose a salon, and more often a specific stylist, because they like the work they’ve done in the past, but they want services that are unique to them. They’re visually driven - meaning they want to see pictures of the salon’s clients - but also consider prices, reviews and other things like location. 

If you want your hair salon website to do well and support your business growth, then it needs to be built to support the needs of your unique customers. This requires someone to know your customers and why their unique, and be able to design a website that lines up with those things.

If you build your own site then you’ll know your customers, but you might not design the site the right way. If you hire a professional and they don’t understand your customer, they’ll create a site that looks nice but may not help your company grow. Finding that sweet spot with someone who understands your customer and can design a website properly is key. Let us know if you need help!

Mobile Friendly - Not “Mobile Friendly”

A majority of people looking for salons are doing research from their phone. They’re on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Yelp, and will most often look at websites from their phone instead of switching to a computer or tablet. This means websites need to work well on mobile.

Mobile friendly is a very overused term in web design. The most obvious part of mobile friendly is that the website works on a phone without the need to zoom in on parts of the page. While this is important and a visible part of being mobile friendly, it’s only part of what’s important.

When people access a website from their phone, they’re usually on cell phone or public wifi connections. Both of these are slower than your wifi at home or work, which means that websites will load slower. This can be fixed with planning and the right process in place, but is not something the average DIYer or freelance website designer will do.

Hair salon websites that are made mobile friendly have been shown to work better in helping businesses grow.

Designed With A Strategy To Convert

Building a website isn’t going to help grow your hair salon business unless it is designed to help convert visitors into customers. Pretty pictures and a cute story are important, but are only part of the process. Top hair salon websites will have pages that are built for a reason. They’ll be designed to walk visitors through the steps of learning about your business, being sold on the idea of being your customers and being converted into a customer.

If you decide that you want to go the DIY route, make sure you spend time planning your site. Understand your customers, why they would want to come to your salon, how to sell to them, and what your process is to convert them from website visitors into customers.

If you need some help, we’d love to offer some support. We’ve worked with hair salons and barbers, and know your customers. We design strategy, and build brands, marketing plans and websites that help hair salons grow. Learn more about what we do here and read our customer reviews here.